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Hope is Delicious

JBJ Soul Kitchen is a community restaurant with no prices on the menu; customers donate to pay for their meal. If you are unable to donate you may do volunteer work in exchange for your family’s meal.

Kitchen Stories

  • September 23, 2014

    Soul Kitchen Welcomes Guest Chef George Hirsch

    JBJ Soul Kitchen welcomed a special guest, Chef George Hirsch, during our lunch service on Sunday, September 21st. Chef George, star of PBS’s George Hirsch Lifestyle, is a Member of the American Academy of Chefs, as well as a TV host, producer and cookbook author. He has won numerous awards and honors including the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the American Culinary Federation, along with international recognition for his efforts in eradicating childhood hunger.

  • Happy Are The Hands That Feed: Marylou April 6, 2014

    Happy Are The Hands That Feed: Marylou

    As Community Coordinator for the JBJ Soul Kitchen I am asked the question frequently – What is Soul Kitchen All About? My answer is that it is about the “experience”…


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