Linda Volunteer

Volunteering has always been a part of my DNA, but a demanding sales career and motherhood left me little time to do so. While dining at the Soul Kitchen with my friends and daughter, we immediately felt the warmth & camaraderie and wanted to learn more about the opportunities to help out. After becoming unemployed, I began volunteering as a mid-week break from the job-hunt by washing dishes and chopping vegetables. Eventually I moved to the front of the house as a hostess and ambassador for the mission of the Soul Kitchen through community outreach & to be a source of encouragement to others in their job search (which can sometimes be an isolating journey).

From there, my teenage daughter started busing tables to gain work experience and to fulfill service hours for her high school Key Club. It has been a unique opportunity to find such a positive shared work experience. We’ve had a great time working together alongside wonderful volunteers and meeting new people from across the street or from half way around the world. The rewards of volunteering, being part of our hometown community, making new friends and helping others has enriched our souls in many ways. So, if you are hungry to make a difference, stop by for a great meal & the warmth of good company. We’re at your service.

- Linda 

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