Krista Patron

When I first came to the Soul Kitchen I was looking for a place to eat with my 3 friends, I was unaware at the time this was any kind of resource for the community. The person at the door who took our names explained what the mission of the Soul Kitchen was and I was interested but honestly I just wanted to eat some delicious food and have a nice meal with my group. Well needless to say the Soul Kitchen delivered on all levels and more. I sat with my friends and we  sat with another couple and I thought this is interesting. We had a wonder meal, the servers were so friendly and nice. We made new friends, over the course of our meal we learned our table mates had volunteered for their meal. Their child was disabled and their medical bills were building up and by volunteering and eating at Soul Kitchen they were able to have a nice “normal night” and save some money for other necessities. We were so moved by their story we had no idea.

When the bill came we were surprised that there was no official “bill” we were asked to contribute to the mission of the Soul Kitchen, well considering we each had soup, an amazing salmon dish and dessert with unlimited iced teas, we were completely prepared to pay $30 a piece so we did!! 

My friends and I go at least 2 times a month to check out how things are going at Soul Kitchen, the gardens are beautiful, the meals are fantastic and we are going out to eat anyway we might as well make a difference!

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